Here's how to ace fall fashion in warm weather

To most, fall is about layering up and keeping warm. It’s a time where temperatures drop and the desire to be comfortable kicks in. There isn’t much room for fashion exploration when these things are in play. But living on the west coast, seasons are few and far between.

It’s summer until around mid-October and even then, the days never consistently drop below 75 degrees. With dark color palettes coming into rotation for the colder months, it’s really the best of both worlds here. Dressing in the lengths that summer allows while layering a light sweater or a statement piece is the beauty of a California fall. 


A loud coat is something that can easily be thrown over an all-black look. It’s fun and full of personality, but when mid-day temperatures hits, it can be easily be taken off.

This little leopard moment was purchased from Pac Sun on sale at a grand total of $5. It’s paired with a black top from the same store (similar $98) and American Apparel disco pants ($68) that were thrifted. 


Bearing in mind that there aren’t really seasons here, small tank tops or bodysuits are still California-weather-friendly. I just put on a thrifted Zara faux leather jacket ($69.90), faux leather pants from Target ($20, plus-size $22) and some statement boots from Forever 21 (Pretty Little Thing similar $60) to tie it all together. 


Silk is a material that knows no specific season limitation, so it can be transformed from a summer look to a fall one by pairing it with those same matte leather pants and chunky boots. Keep the look clean by slicking hair or wearing minimal jewelry. 


Fashion is all a matter of personal senses of style and confidence. There are no right or wrong answers to looking good so long as you feel good. 🍒