Keiynan Lonsdale's style transformation is the warmest moment of 20gayteen

Openly queer celebrities have had quite the golden era in the year 2018. We have received bops about bottoming, emotion pictures that showcase sexual freedom, and the fun and wholesome “20gayteen” pun showing how gay it has actually been. With such an influx of LGBT+ figures, it is easy to overlook one rising icon who has blazed his way through TV, film and music: Keiynan Lonsdale.

Lonsdale is most recognized for his breakthrough performances as Wally West on “Kid Flash” and in the cult gay romantic comedy, “Love, Simon.”  While filming “Simon,” Lonsdale decided to come out regarding his attraction to boys and girls. The Australian actor claims that feeling like he wasn’t completely open about his sexuality with the cast and crew inspired him to shed the shame of his identity.

His coming out provides a visibility that is not often afforded to many LGBT+ folks of color (especially as a black man that does not ascribe to a singular identity). One of the amazing things about Lonsdale’s openness is that we get to see a queer black male be free in his expression — and we see it in all of his bold fashion.

At the MTV Movie Awards, Lonsdale accepted the award for “Best Kiss” for his performance in
“Love, Simon.” What made the moment special was not only his speech about authenticity and “living your dreams”, but his unabashedly queer outfit. Adorned in an extravagant coat, a white skirt, bleached hair, with golden jewels and accessories, Lonsdale embodied the spirit of his acceptance speech.

The outfit shook up the expectation of the look that men usually bring to award shows with it’s stark contrast to the usual safe navy suit or black tuxedo we see every season.

Expanding his reach into pop music, Lonsdale also showcases fire looks in his music videos. For his video, “Preach,” Lonsdale switches between a dark and brooding look, and a more nature-boy style.

He sports an all-black ensemble with a custom hand brace, messy hair and mix-match earrings while dancing at the bar and later, adorning himself in jewels, glitter and loose tie-dye parachute pants akin to his MTV Movie Awards look. They say you should get a man that can do both and Lonsdale is able to deliver the same passion and energy while interchanging these looks.

While obviously coming into his own with statement pieces, Lonsdale also knows how to keep his casual style trendy, yet original. He has no problem changing his hair color as he sees fit, mixing a variety of patterns, or showcasing necklaces and other jewelry.

It’s apparent that Lonsdale’s style is very much an expression of his personal identity (as his outfits have become increasingly colorful and intricate since coming out). As a queer POC, Lonsdale’s style and comfortability through his fashion and sexuality should inspire others to be daring in their clothing, and hopefully encourage fellow celebs to fuse personality with their outer appearance. 🍒