A letter from Sonali, sorceress of finesse

For Sonali Tzul, a finely crafted makeup look is everything because the perfect beat is a source of power. It’s a source of pride.

Tzul’s lipsticks can either give her the sparkly gloss of morning dew or the velvety finish of flower petals — although, Tzul tucks real blooms in her hair for flourish, too.


Using Juvia’s Place shadows ($20 - $25), she creates vibrant landscapes on her lids, often like sunsets glimpsed through rear-view windows. 

Tzul frames these scenes with Anastasia Beverly Hills Gel Liner ($18) and Dipbrow Pomade ($18). She preps her canvas with with NYX Angel Veil Skin Perfecting Primer ($16) and sets it with NYX Matte Setting Spray ($8.50).

It’s no wonder why Tzul takes so much pride in her work: Tzul’s color curation on her lips and eyes is mystical.

PHOTOGRAPHY courtesy of Sonia Tzul

MAKE-UP BY Sonia Tzul

Tzul’s words have been edited and condensed for clarity.


My makeup is bold and full of color. I love to wear statement colors — colors that make people go, "Wow! XXX is really your color!"

But I know it's not, because every color is my color. Or I should say, I'll try any color once, and I'll make it work for me.


Although, I don't consider myself I drag queen, I often feel like I am when I finish putting on mascara. It's my last step before I feel fully realized. I look back at the mirror and think, "There she is! Isn't she just the most beautiful creature to look back at you?"


And then there's a sense of finesse, feline — maybe even flirty — energy after I do my makeup. I know it may seem a little bit narcissistic, but I gotta love myself first. Right?


There's just something about the process: it's sort of like pampering your lids. Showing them affection with every brush stroke. Butterfly kisses — except you're just dusting them in chemicals and pigments. Or tugging on your lid to make that perfect wing tip.


Makeup can focus all eyes on you, get you a wink, a free drink, a flirt or three. But more importantly to me, makeup makes me feel free... and that's why I love it. It's that simple.