Glossier Play's disco-ready drop, starring Troye Sivan

The makeup — no, lifestyle brand — known as Glossier has absolutely cornered the global market on no-makeup-makeup looks and a “skincare first” mindset when it comes to beating your face. And from a branding perspective, Emily Weiss’ cosmetics endeavor is built on a rock-solid foundation of iconic, Just Glossier Things: fresh-faced influencersas its models, its baby-pink bubblewrap bags that are just as covetable as the goods themselves, the pop-up shop and its permanent HQ in New York City, the wallpapers! And today, we add another wig-snatching moment in Glossier’s history: Glossier Play. The once-mysterious Glossier vertical is billed as “a makeup brand of dialed-up beauty extras.” The products in the drop are, yes, dialed-up, but that’s an understatement.

An anti-thesis to classic Glossier, these cosmetics are your wildest, chic-est, slickest ‘70s disco queen dream. And front-and-center in this new makeup collection is none other than pop’s most thoughtful and fashion-forward Gemini genderqueer princess, Troye Sivan. After a hell of 2018 — complete with platinum blond hair, George Michael-esque outfits, and statement plush, red lips — Sivan has cemented his place as an LGBTQ+ pop star to watch on the charts as well as in fashion and beauty circles.

As for Glossier Play itself, Glossier introduced us to Vinylic Lip (“high-shine lacquer”), Colorslide a (“technogel” eye pencil), Glitter Gelée (billed as “multigrade paillettes”) and Niteshine (which is highlighter concentrate). The vinyl lip shine ($16) comes in six colors: plum, real bubblegum pink, terracotta, fiery orange, a blue-toned red and soft brown. The eye pencil ($15), which is said not to not crease, smudge or skip, comes in fourteen shades. Most of them are decadent jewel tones, such as moss, ruby, mustard and deep peridot. Play’s wear-anywhere glitter gelée ($14), which apparently is best applied with fingers, shines in opalescent, gun-metal, gold and rose-gold hues. And last but not least, we’ve got four pretty liquid highlighter ($20) “for the glow you want, where you want it” in bronze, copper, rose-gold and champagne tones. Play is also offering a pencil-sharpener or Glossier Blade ($4), which some how looks like something you’d also find in your grandmother’s box of old schoolteacher knick-knacks.

While we re-secure our wigs and gather up some coins to throw at Play, Glossier is in the midst of cooking up and rolling out more verticals. According to Business of Fashion, Play is only the tip of the iceberg:

A Glossier spokeswoman said development of new brands will take years, and that no other brand launches are planned for this year.  However, it's "only the beginning" for Glossier Play, she said, with more items likely to join high-gloss and glitter as hero products. Skincare might be growing at a faster rate than colour industry-wide, but the company sees colour — without the “moody, expert-centric rhetoric” of most luxe brands — as a meaningful driver of future growth.

When will Emily Weiss let us rest? 🍒