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12 LGBTQ+ creatives on what self care means to them

12 LGBTQ+ creatives give their top self-care tips, from cooking and face masks, to setting boundaries and giving back to our community.

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Q&A with Lindsay Wynn, founder of Momotaro & Oshihana wellness brands

Momotaro Apotheca co-founder Lindsay Wynn talks LGBTQ+ reproductive health and moving the needle on vaginal wellness conversations.

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Veggie burgers, to the rescue

So you’ve done some research on factory-farming and you wanna go vegetarian. Now what? Devin shares his experience with veg cooking and a veggie burger recipe, too.

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Q&A with @BamaBurr, powerlifter & personal development expert
Q&A with @AjayHolbrook, trans bodybuilder & activist

Confidence, power, and discipline: here’s why fitness has made all the difference in Ajay Holbrook’s life.

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5 tips for working through gender dysphoria, because you deserve to live freely

Want to live your best trans / non-binary life, but struggling with gender dysphoria? Here’s some solid advice to make living gender-free in a gender-patrolled world a little bit easier. 

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I switched to a veg diet because factory-farming hurts us all

For Cherry’s Wellness Issue, Devin Nonnenman explains how his STEM background lead to him becoming vegetarian.

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