cherry seeds

Meet the team behind this quintessentially queer magazine!

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Caroline colvin
she / her / hers

A messy, genderqueer bisexual trying to make a difference

Favorite item of clothing: A pumpkin-colored plaid co-ord from Zara that makes my *ss look nice me feel like a 70s heroine.

Fashion inspiration: French cafés, art galleries and Instagram.

Sign: Libra

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Devin nonnenman

A Syracuse University ‘18 grad who currently works as a chemist

Favorite item of clothing: Black and white checked, houndstooth longline overcoat. It’s hella warm and matches my all-gray-with-a-pop-of-color looks.

Fashion inspiration: If Raviv Ullman walked in Guo Pei’s AW18 line.

Sign: Gemini

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sonali tzul
She / her / hers

Makeup intersection at drag and high femme

Favorite item of clothing: Handmade Guatemalan jacket. Rescued from a thrift store.

Fashion inspiration: 70s and disco.

Sign: Aries

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don crescendo
he / him / his
they / them / theirs

A 24-year-old musician, writer and DJ that goes by too many names to list

Favorite item of clothing: A checkerboard denim jacket from Elmwood.

Fashion inspiration: Lenny Kravitz, George Michael, 90s cult films, rave culture, Jet Set Radio Future.

Sign: Capricorn


bex valadez
she / her / hers

Likes going to concerts and overanalyzing things in my head

Favorite item of clothing: I never leave the house without my leather jacket!

Fashion inspiration: Devon Carson and Jesse Rutherford’s shared fashion sense.

Sign: Cancer, through and through

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Joshua Myers
He / Him / His

I want to write stories and create visuals for a career. My afro is my crown and it would be great to be connected with Keiynan Lonsdale so we can become BFFs (hint hint, Cherry! LOL).

Favorite item of clothing: The first thing that came to mind is the bracelet my boo thang gave me.

Fashion inspiration: A blend of the 90’s fashion (think Aaliyah, “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” and “A Different World”), African patterns and Michael B. Jordan. 

Sign: Cancer

Carolyn Saxton
She / Her / Hers

22-year-old cat person with an
affinity for skull imagery and
pretty words.

Favorite item of clothing: Can I
pick two? High-waisted,
yellowish-brown, pleated pants
that belonged to my mom many
moons ago! And an oversized army
green button-up embroidered with
Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck in
fishing apparel (also my mom’s).

Fashion inspiration: The intersection
of 90’s grunge and femme lesbian,
with a sprinkling of kitsch every so often.

Sign: Leo